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Anytime kiddos come out of trauma, they react differently than they would if they had not experienced that trauma. It sounds simple, but the point is, experiencing trauma as a child leads to behaviors that don’t accurately reflect a person’s “real” personality. This is true for our friend Abgayle, or Abbie as she prefers to be called. The “real” Abbie is a true sweetheart – outgoing, happy, and very affectionate – but she has a lot of catching up to do to be as mature as other kids her age. She can be impulsive at times and a little difficult to re-direct, not because she is a “bad kid” but because she just doesn’t realize that what she is doing is problematic. That’s the trauma and its effect on her. But the great news is that these behaviors are absolutely going to get better with time, patience, and support. In fact, Abbie has made an incredible amount of progress during her time in care. Her therapist and foster parents just brag on her all the time. She really is in a great place and is poised to blossom in the right environment. Abbie has a wonderful, beautiful, happy spirit as her foundation. She just needs the right family. What does that family look like? Abbie needs a family committed to routines, structure, and consistency with experience parenting kiddos already. She also needs to be the only child in the home so she can get the one-on-one attention she needs. If this sounds like your family, let us know.

Age: 10

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A family has been identified for Abgayle! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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