Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson

Maelynn and Carla

The bond between these two sisters is evident from the second you look at their photo. Siblings are naturally connected in a special way, but 12-year-old Carla and 9-year-old Maelynn have the additional bond forged by witnessing and being subjected to trauma and neglect together during their childhood. At the time, they turned to each other for safety and comfort, and they continue to look for and find support, strength and understanding in each other’s arms. They will need that same kind of consistent, nurturing, patient presence from you as well to continue growing and developing into wonderful young women. Carla and Maelynn currently live in separate homes in the same general area and see each other often, but they want and need to live in a home together. They get along great together and interact well with other children in their respective homes. These two sisters are primed for an amazing future together and as individuals, but they need you to help them realize their dream of being a family again. Are you ready?

Age: 9, 13

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