This is going to sound strange, but 12-year-old Jaelyn is kind of like a box of assorted chocolates. Intrigued? Jaelyn’s obviously a good-looking young man with a great smile, so the package catches your eye on the shelf and makes you want to dig in and see what’s inside. And like that box of chocolates, there are lots of different flavors to Jaelyn. Some are expected, like a good old-fashioned piece of chocolate. Like any other growing boy, Jaelyn loves to eat and he’s a sports nut who loves his Razorbacks. Other flavors are a little harder to figure out at first due to a protective shell covering a surprise. These require a little blind faith, don’t they? Sometimes, you get a piece that may not be your favorite flavor, but more often than not you hit the jackpot with an unexpected but wonderful new experience. That’s Jaelyn. He’s going to have some bad days due to the neglect and trauma he experienced growing up, but the days where the true Jaelyn shines through are truly wonderful. You’ll need to be patient with Jaelyn and allow him to continue improving, but the payoff is tremendous with Jaelyn. 2872105

Age: 12

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